2nd June 2012

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Economic freedom first, and all shall be added on to it
— Kwame Nkrumah

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1st June 2012

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UN speech by RG Mugabe

"I spent 11 precious years of my life of a jail of a white man, whose freedom and well being I assured and protected from the first day of Zimbabwe’s Independence…." -RG Mugabe

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5th January 2012

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This is #africa  (Taken with Instagram at R61)

This is #africa (Taken with Instagram at R61)

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30th November 2011


My music collection…

My music collection…

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10th November 2011

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This will shock African, Blacks in particular

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4th October 2011

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When China Met Africa: Trailer from Speakit on Vimeo.


When China met Africa

A historic gathering of over 50 African heads of state in Beijing reverberates in Zambia where the lives of three characters unfold. Mr Liu is one of thousands of Chinese entrepreneurs who have settled across the continent in search of new opportunities. He has just bought his fourth farm and business is booming.

In northern Zambia, Mr Li, a project manager for a multinational Chinese company is upgrading Zambia’s longest road. Pressure to complete the road on time intensifies when funds from the Zambian government start running out.

Meanwhile Zambia’s Trade Minister is on route to China to secure millions of dollars of investment.

Through the intimate portrayal of these characters, the expanding footprint of a rising global power is laid bare - pointing to a radically different future, not just for Africa, but also for the world.

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28th September 2011

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Zimbabwe threatens to close under resourced universities →


The Zimbabwean government has threatened to shut down under-resourced universities saying the institutions are compromising education standards.

Zimbabwe has nine state run universities and four church administered institutions.

Permanent secretary in the ministry of Higher Education and Tertiary, Washington Mbizvo said institutions with critical shortage of lecturers would be closed.

Mbizvo said there was no reason for universities with no adequate human recourses to continue operating as “they will not produce quality graduates.”

Although most state universities are under-funded, government has in the past said it plans to establish more universities.

Recently, Mbizvo’s ministry suspended PHD programmes at the National Science and Technology and veterinary studies offered by the oldest higher leaning institute, the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

The decade long economic crisis in Zimbabwe resulted in a massive brain drain that affected the main universities with some having less than half of its required staff


Because of the shortage of lecturers, universities are forced to enroll fewer students or close faculties.

Faculties that are most affected by the shortage of lecturers included metallurgical engineering, mining engineering, biochemistry and pharmaceutical technology.

UZ Vice-chancellor Levy Nyagura recently told a parliamentary committee on education that the institution was resorting to hiring expatriate lecturers and former staff members who have joined other sectors to work part-time.

Many professionals have left the country to seek better-paying jobs in neighbouring South Africa and overseas because of the economic problems.

Those left behind often resort to part-time jobs to supplement their salaries.

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20th September 2011

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World’s largest conservation area founded in Southern Africa →

A vast transfrontier park of almost 450 000 square kilometres, stretching over five Southern African countries and connecting 36 national parks and other managed areas, has been signed into being.The biggest conservation effort ever, it includes some of the most breathtaking protected areas on the planet, and will stretch over parts of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.Once fully operational it will be roughly the size of Sweden.The Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area was legally established on the last day of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) conference held in Luanda, Angola, in August 2011. The signing followed a feasibility study initiated by the five participants in 2006.The implementation of the conservancy is overseen by the Peace Parks Foundation, with the help of integrated development plans (IDPs) to ensure that the process unfolds smoothly. Zimbabwe and Zambia have completed their IDPs, while Angola’s is nearing completion.IDPs for Namibia and Botswana will get underway before the end of 2011.“It’s the largest protected tourism zone in the world,” an official from the 15-nation SADC announced at the time of signing the deal.

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19th September 2011


The child is not dead~ By Ingrid Jonker

The child is not dead
The child lifts his fists against his mother
Who shouts Afrika ! shouts the breath
Of freedom and the veld
In the locations of the cordoned heart

The child lifts his fists against his father
in the march of the generations
who shouts Afrika ! shout the breath
of righteousness and blood
in the streets of his embattled pride

The child is not dead not at Langa nor at Nyanga
not at Orlando nor at Sharpeville
nor at the police station at Philippi
where he lies with a bullet through his brain

The child is the dark shadow of the soldiers
on guard with rifles Saracens and batons
the child is present at all assemblies and law-givings
the child peers through the windows of houses and into the hearts of mothers
this child who just wanted to play in the sun at Nyanga is everywhere
the child grown to a man treks through all Africa

the child grown into a giant journeys through the whole world
Without a pass

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14th September 2011

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Empty village raises concerns about fate of Black Libyans →


Sept. 13 - TAWERGHA, Libya — This town was once home to thousands of mostly black non-Arab residents. Now, the only manmade sound is a generator that powers a small militia checkpoint, where rebels say the town is a “closed military area.”

What happened to the residents of Tawergha appears to be another sign that despite the rebel leadership’s pledges that they’ll exact no revenge on supporters of deposed dictator Moammar Gadhafi, Libya’s new rulers often are dealing harshly with the country’s black residents.

According to Tawergha residents, rebel soldiers from Misrata forced them from their homes on Aug. 15 when they took control of the town. The residents were then apparently driven out of a pair of refugee camps in Tripoli over this past weekend.

“The Misrata people are still looking for black people,” said Hassan, a Tawergha resident who’s now sheltering in a third camp in Janzour, six miles east of Tripoli. “One of the men who came to this camp told me my brother was killed yesterday by the revolutionaries.”

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